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Minimally invasive surgical techniques

Kalamazoo Foot Surgery is proud to offer minimally invasive surgical techniques for multiple foot conditions. We pride ourselves in offering the newest and best surgical techniques available to our patients. 


Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery involves performing surgery through tiny incisions, usually under image guidance. The incisions are just a few millimeters long compared to 3-5 inch incisions used in traditional open bunion surgery.

This type of surgery has been enabled by advances in technology which have allowed the development of very small drills (called burrs). These can be used to make delicate cuts in the bones of the foot to re-align them through very small incisions. This technique typically results is significantly less pain and swelling than a traditional bunionectomy. 

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Tenex Health's minimally invasive technology eliminates chronic tendon pain by precisely targeting and removing damaged tissue, without the need for conventional surgery.  Developed in collaboration with the world-renown MAYO Clinic, clinical studies have shown that when Tenex Health technology is used to treat tendonitis in the foot and ankle. Overall functionality and a significant decrease in pain is exhibited. The patented technology removes the source of pain, which is the damaged tissue, and helps stimulate a renewed healing response.

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Endoscopic Plantar fasciotomy

The endoscopic plantar fasciotomy system is designed for the treatment of plantar fasciosis. The EPF system is a minimally invasive surgical technique for chronic plantar fasciitis (fasciosis). The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects the heel bone to the toes. It supports the arch of the foot. By partially releasing the fascia, it alleviates the tension along the painful ligament and alleviates pain. This is done though two small minimally invasive incisions.

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